All Hail the Dark Queen is a satirical black comedy about the spiteful Dark Queen (name: classified) who achieves her goal of conquering the world, but then doesn’t quite know what to do with it. A cross between Metalocalypse, Mad Max and Veep, with heavy doses of demon lore and sacrilege. You'll laugh at one monarch's attempt to balance laziness and unbridled rage at standard incompetence.


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About Nicole

Hometown: Woods Where the Jersey Devil Roams

Welcome to my portfolio! Nice of you to make it all the way down here. Who am I to have doubted you to begin with?

Well, most people call me Nicole, and I am an illustrator and cartoonist with 8 years of experience. I first started drawing when old school Disney animation and Nintendo monster designs sparked a fire in my childhood imagination. Graduating from the University of the Arts with a B.F.A, I studied the works of the old masters. Yet, it was the dark art of Mike Mignolia, Johnen Vasquez, Aubrey Beardsley, and 70's Heavy Metal artists that I found the most inspiring.

I prefer the bold, the dangerous, and the abstraction of the real. Art should challenge, not addict. I truly believe that fiction and cartoon style imagery penetrates defenses and allows people to engage with new ideas.






Custom Design

Comics are my first love, ever since I started reading Mario cartoons in Nintendo Power. If you have an interesting story, I'll bring it to life.

Package design, book covers, editorials, concept art, game and website assets. Need eyes on your idea? Let me make it look cool for you.

I have extensive experience creating branding for musicians, performers, podcasters, streamers and a few corporate clients.

Have a unique idea? Perhaps a memorable Save the Date that will delight wedding guests? A portrait of a friend for a special birthday gift? I can help!



Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. Copy and paste my email, or use the contact form. I'll reach out back to you shortly.

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